Track1:Ceramics for Energy Conversion, Storage, and Distribution Systems
T1S1  |  Xingbo Liu High-Temperature Fuel Cells and Electrolysis
T1S2  |  Xinfeng Tang               Michitaka Ohtaki Ceramics-Related Materials, Devices, and Processing for Heat-to-Electricity Direct Conversion and Thermal Energy Harnessing
T1S3  |  Tohru Sekino                Yoshikazu Suzuki Emerging Materials and Technologies for Solar Cells, Solar Fuel, and Solar Thermal Energy Conversion and Storage
T1S4  |  Tatsuya Hinoki               Katalin Balázsi Material Science and Technologies for Advanced Nuclear Fission and Fusion Energy
T1S5  |  Sanjay Mathur Innovative Processing of Nanostructured, and Hybrid Functional Materials for Energy and Sustainability
T1S6  |  Yi-Bing Cheng Advanced Multifunctional Nanomaterials and Systems for Photovoltaic and Photonic Technologies
T1S7  |  Palani Balaya               Feng Li Advanced Batteries and Supercapacitors for Energy Storage Applications
T1S8  |  John Wei High Temperature Superconductors: Materials, Technologies, and Systems
Track2:Ceramics for Energy Conservation and Efficiency
T2S1  |  Shaoming Dong Advanced Ceramics and Composites for Turbine Engines
T2S2  |  Hagen Klemm               Teiichi Kimura               Rong Tu Advanced Ceramic Coatings for Structural and Environmental Applications
T2S3  |  Rong-Jun Xie               Shiwei Wang Materials for Solid State Lighting
T2S4  |  Guenter Motz               Ralf Riedel Advanced Nitrides and Related Materials for Energy Applications
T2S5  |  Surojit Gupta               Young-Wook Kim Ceramics in Conventional Energy and Biomedical, Oil, and Gas Exploration
T2S6  |  Fazhou Wang               Wan Man Pun Materials for Energy Efficient Building and Transportation Systems
T2S7  |   L.K Sharma Energy Efficiency and Green Technologies in Ceramic Manufacturing
Track3:Ceramics for Environmental Systems
T3S1  |  Gang Liu               Lianzhou Wang Photocatalysts for Energy and Environmental Applications
T3S2  |  Nobuhito Imanaka Advanced Functional Materials, Devices and Systems for Environmental Conservation and Pollution Control
T3S3  |  Yu-Ping Zeng               Manabu Fukushima               Paolo Colombo               Young-Wook Kim               Jianfeng Yang Porous and Cellular Ceramics: Porosity Design and Engineering Applications
T3S4  |  Kui Yao Sensors and Transducers for Energy, Environment, Health and Structural Integrity
Track4:Cross-Cutting Technologies
T4S1  |  Jingyang Wang               Hanxing Liu Ceramics Genome, Big Data, and Computational Design and Modeling
T4S2  |  Soshu Kirihara Additive Manufacturing & 3-D Printing Technologies
T4S3  |  Weimin Wang               Richard Todd               Dechang Jia               Hongtao Zhang Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
T4S4  |  Makio Naito               Junichi Tatami Powder Processing Technology for Advanced Ceramics
T4S5  |  Makio Naito               Junichi Tatami Powder Processing Technology for Advanced Ceramics
T4S6  |  Kentaro Shinoda Multifunctional Coatings for Energy and Environmental Applications
T4S7  |  William G. Fahrenholtz
              Miladin Radovic               Qing Huang
Materials for Extreme Environments: Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) and Nano-laminated Ternary Carbides and Nitrides (MAX Phases)
T4S8  |  Qing Huang
              Raj Bordia
Ceramic Integration Technologies for Energy and Environmental Applications
T4S9  |  Tadachika Nakayama
              Hao Xie
Hybrid and Bio-inspired Materials: From Basic Research to Biomimicry
T4S10 |  Minoru Osada
               Daniel Chua
               Wencai Ren
Graphene and 2-D Materials
T4S11  |  Hao Wang
                Fiorenzo Vetrone
Advanced Ceramic Materials for Photonics, Energy and Health
Track5:Technology, Society and Sustainability
T5S1  |  Zuoren Nie Materials Selection and Design Tools for Sustainable Development and Reduced Materials Footprint
T5S2  |  Bikramjit Basu
              Roger J Narayan
              Zhijian James Shen
Materials in Medicine, Prosthetics, Scaffolds, Sensors, and Drug Delivery
T5S3  |  Surojit Gupta
              Haixue Yan
              Ji Zou
Global Young Investigator Forum Highlighting Diversity and Entrepreneurship